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Biking Tours

The experience of riding a classic Royal Enfield motorcycle through Bhutan is indeed a privilege. Bhutan is a paradise for bikers with its pristine environment boasting breathtaking landscapes, majestic mountains, delightful friendly locals and with just enough road challenges for you to test your skills.

Riding is quite slow compared to many destinations due to the windy road through the Kingdom and you’ll often be sitting on around 35-45KPH with the odd stretch of road allowing for travel 50-65 KPH.

Royal Enfield Bikes

Royal Enfield initially started out as an English engineering company manufacturing bicycles, stationary engines and rifle parts. Hence the adage for their motorcycles “built like a gun goes like a bullet’. Royal Enfield manufactured it’s first motorcycle in 1901 and it was essentially a 150cc bicycle with a 1.5 bhp engine mounted over the front wheel.

Royal Enfield merged with Alldays & Onions in 1907 and made cars called Enfield Alldays till 1925. Royal Enfield first started production of the 500cc Bullet motorcycle in 1932. Royal Enfield also made various models like the WD/C 350cc side valve, WD/C 350cc OH, WD/G 350cc OHV, WD/L 570cc SV and, the famous 125cc “flying flea” during world war II in an effort to help in the war.

Royal Enfields have been made and sold in India since 1949. Royal Enfields were painted red and marketed in the U.S.A as ‘Indian motorcycles’ by the Brock House corporation in between 1955 – 1960.

Royal Enfield produced their last motorcycles in England during the late 1960s and closed down all British factories by 1970 due to fierce competition from the Japanese. Enfield of India bought the rights to the name ‘Royal Enfield’ in 1995 and continues to make and sell motorcycles under the same name till date. Royal Enfield is the only motorcycle brand to have survived through three centuries of wars, natural calamities and financial upheavals’.

Bike options Available

  • Option 1
  • Engine 500cc.
  • Left hand side gear shifter (five speed gearbox).
  • Has both electric starter & without electric starter.
  • Has Twin seat with back rest.
  • Saddlebags
  • No windshield (Not available in Bhutan)
  • Machismo model with standard handlebars
  • Option 2
  • Engine 500cc
  • Left hand side gear shifter (five speed gearbox)
  • Has both electric starter & without electric starter
  • Has spring types Two piece seat with no back rest
  • No saddlebags
  • No windshield (not available in Bhutan)
  • Classic model 500cc with standard & small handlebars
  • Optional changes to motorcycles
  • request single seat, saddle bags.
  • For more information, write to us
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